On December 23, William M. will kill three people, Kurds living in the heart of Paris. The arrested man will then return to his parents, the same day, during a search. The opportunity for the shooter to see his parents one last time before going to prison. Our colleagues from Paris will then go to meet the parents of the shooter. And her dad is going to make a startling revelation about an episode that would have started it all. According to him, his son would not have committed this act for terrorist reasons.

Quite the contrary. “It is an unforgivable act and a totally disproportionate revenge that he has matured since the case of the burglary of his house, in Livry-Gargan (Seine-Saint-Denis)”. In 2016, “on returning from an evening spent with his parents, William Malet surprises three young men at home (including two minors aged 17)”, specify our colleagues. The man will then want to solve the problem himself and will attack the three men with a knife. “William never supported the idea that he could be tried for violence when he had only reacted to the intrusion of three people into his home”, explains his father.

Disillusioned parents

Disappointed, the parents of William M. are disillusioned. “To say that the night before, we played Scrabble as if nothing had happened,” explains the mother. “We felt that he had changed in prison, his parents agree. He had a fixed and empty look, his gestures were very slow. He had been like a zombie these last few days. But since he only spoke very little, we suspected nothing”. The father remembers that his eldest son has always been very “withdrawn, silent, while with his younger brother, it’s just the opposite”.

Shooting in Paris: this episode which would have made the alleged killer lose his head

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