The parents of William Malet opened up to the Parisian about their son, the alleged killer of three Kurds in Paris, on December 23, whom they describe as being a withdrawn man harboring a very great hatred towards foreigners. According to our colleagues from Parisian, William Malet would have returned home on Friday, December 23 in the early evening. During the search of his room, he took the time to see his parents who live in the adjoining apartment. Handcuffed, he would have stopped on the landing, murmuring: “Goodbye Mom, I have what I deserve”.

Her 90-year-old mother had hugged her, perhaps for the last time. As for his father, forcing himself to kiss his son, he played his role of patriarch by scolding his 69-year-old child, as if he had committed a simple mistake. William Malet is a retiree from the SNCF and was just released from prison on December 12, for a year of pre-trial detention in the prison of Health. The reason being that in December 2021, he attacked a migrant camp with a long sword, reports Sud Ouest. According to his parents, their son has changed because of prison. “He had a fixed and empty gaze, his gestures were slow. He had been like a zombie these last few days”, they had confided to the Parisian.

A fierce hatred that took root in 2016

For the mother of the family, the immense hatred of William Malet against migrants began in 2016. At that time, he lived alone in Livry-Gargan, in Seine-Saint-Denis. On returning home the night of February 27, he had surprised three burglars of North African origin. After exchanges with a knife, he seriously injured two of the thieves. The police had discovered about thirty weapons at his home. After pre-trial detention, William Malet was banned from going to Seine-Saint-Denis.

Shooting in Paris: "Like a zombie...", the disturbing account of the parents of the alleged killer

Shooting in Paris: “Like a zombie…”, the disturbing account of the parents of the alleged killer © Pexels

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