His video giving alcohol to an innocent baby has gone viral. The clip was first shared on TikTok before being taken down, but many Facebook users have seen the video. In the appalling video, the woman appears to be giving her baby a shot of vodka, Express.co.uk reports in its October 4, 2022 article. In this shocking video, the despicable woman can be seen giving a shot of vodka to the baby.

The baby sputters and coughs after drinking as the woman in question laughs in the video. Many Facebook users were shocked by this appalling scene. According to North Wales Live, the police worked together with social services to take care of the baby. “We are aware of a video circulating on social media which appears to involve a small child being administered alcohol by an adult. Please be advised that we are currently working with social services and have protected the child,” said North Wales Police.

Thousands of furious Facebook users

The video of this irresponsible woman, whose relationship with the baby was not revealed by the police, shocked thousands of Facebookers. Among other things, a woman said: “Absolutely despicable human being, why did you do this?”. Another asked, “Why are people so cruel to a child?” “It’s beyond cruel! Glad the baby was ‘saved’,” another comment read. Another comment read: “Disgusting how can anyone do this to a child? Some people don’t deserve to have children.”

Shocking! Woman filmed giving baby a shot of vodka

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