Hunting for buzz sometimes makes people splurge. On the social network Instagram, an influencer drew the wrath of her followers after sharing a photo of her taking a break in front of her father’s open coffin. In a little black strapless dress, the young woman barely conceals the face of the deceased as she bends her pelvis and lifts her leg in a sexy pose. The snapshot was subsequently shared on the Reddit community site, where many Internet users reacted:

“Name of a dog, it is so disrespectful”, indignant a first. “If I saw someone doing this at my mother’s funeral, I would be incredibly, incredibly tempted to punch them in the throat,” another lost his temper. “It’s just sad, I hope someone yelled at him after that …” a third added. Torn between shock and indignation, some Internet users have also denounced a symptomatic cliché of a society obsessed with social networks. “The internet has completely made us lose our emotions and our common sense,” read the comments on Reddit. “Everyone tries to shock for attention”, or “When I see that, I tell myself that we do not deserve a second chance.”

The morbid is on the rise

It must be said that this incident is far from being an isolated case. In recent years, many morbid trends have emerged on social networks. In 2017, for example, the president of the association of funeral directors, Denis Desrochers, spoke out to denounce the trend of “face swap”, consisting of exchanging one’s face with that of a loved one who died in the using a filter.

Influencer © Reddit

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