Shocking! Azealia Banks digs up her cat to cook it

New controversy around rapper Azealia Banks. The latter posted images of herself digging up her dead cat a few months ago on Instagram. We hear him say “the cat is in the bag” in the video. Then she is seen boiling the animal’s remains in a saucepan before her skull is displayed alongside a bottle of champagne, a perfume bottle, a $ 100 bill, d ‘a crucifix as well as other strange objects. It did not take less to make the imagination of Internet users work. Some thought that the rapper was using the remains of her cat to make a broth, others believed in satanic rituals, especially since the ball of hair was named after Lucifer. The singer had also admitted in 2016, having practiced chicken sacrifices for several years. And many worried about his mental health.

Azealia Banks digs up her cat to make a jewel

The shocking videos were finally deleted and Azealia Banks ended up explaining this strange behavior, this Wednesday, January 13, in a story on her Instagram account. “Why do you think I would have eaten a dead cat? When I hardly can eat a dead cow. It’s called taxidermy. Many hunters keep the heads of their animals and hang them on the walls. . My darlings… You are racist and this story is not really very Black Lives Matter, ”she wrote on the social network. “The cat’s head was soaked in peroxide to completely clean it, then I take it to a jeweler to cover it with stones. Lucifer was an icon. He deserves to be preserved”, explained the rapper.

Azealia Banks publishes a video of her digging up her cat © OLIVIER BORDE

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