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Shia Labeouf: his discreet troubles with justice revealed

Shia LaBeouf is talking about him again in the news section. After being rather discreet in his last years, the actor again had to deal with the police. According to TMZ information, he was arrested by the police and then charged with assault and battery, as well as theft. The facts with which he is accused date back to last June. Also according to our colleagues, Shia LaBeouf violently clashed with a man, Tyler Murphy, before stealing his hat, according to a criminal complaint obtained by the Associated Press from the prosecutor of the city of Los Angeles. The man with whom Shia LaBeouf came to blows filed a lawsuit in the Los Angeles court on September 24. According to legal documents, the 34-year-old comedian used “force and violence” to steal Tyler Murphy’s hat. He should be summoned to court on November 19.

For the moment, neither Shia LaBeouf nor his legal representatives have agreed to comment on this information to the American media. And this is far from the first time that the actor has had trouble with the law and the police. First in 2014, he was arrested outside the Studio 54 Broadway theater in New York City for drunk disrupting a performance of the play Cabaret. He admitted to disorderly conduct. On the set of the Jimmy Kimmel Show, he had come back in detail on this evening. After admitting to having abused alcohol, he explained that he wanted to talk to a Cabaret dancer. Invited to the evening, he took advantage of the presence of several stars to invite them to drink and annoy the public. Arrested by the police, he spent several hours in sobering-up cells. “I’ll be avoiding Broadway for a little while,” he concluded, very amused by the memories of the evening.

Shia LaBeouf: “I want to thank the policeman who arrested me in Georgia”

He was arrested again in 2017 for drunk driving, this time in Georgia, months after he got into an argument over his anti-Donald Trump art installation in Queens. Shia LaBeouf then issued a public apology, tweeting: “I am deeply ashamed of my behavior and cannot find any excuse for it.” While receiving an award for one of his films, he wanted to thank the police. “I want to thank the policeman who arrested me in Georgia, for changing my life, said the actor. I want to thank my therapist and my godfather for saving my life [and] my parents for giving my life.” Shia LaBeouf used her court-ordered rehab to write the script for Honey Boy and try to get rid of his addictions.

Shia LaBeouf © Backgrid

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