What happened to LaQuerda Edwards is truly unbelievable, but true. She herself couldn’t believe her eyes when she discovered that the ticket she was holding in her hand was a winner. Her 200X Scratchers ticket won her $10 million, and yet she didn’t want that ticket at all. Last November, LaQuerda Edwards, a Californian, had been in a business in Tarzana, Los Angeles. While she was at a Lottery Scratchers vending machine, a man bumped into her and she pressed the wrong button.

According to the USA Today article from April 8, 2022, the distributor released a $30 200X Scratchers ticket. The man just shoved her and left without saying anything. “He just pushed me around, didn’t say anything and walked out the door,” Edwards said. She should thank the man who shoved her because because of the shoving she pressed the wrong button and got the right winning ticket. Annoyed by the rush, LaQuerda Edwards joined her car in which she scratched her ticket.

She can’t believe her eyes scratching the ticket

Luckily Edwards kept his ticket and scratched it. The $30 ticket that came out of the machine was a winner and won him $10 million. The lucky winner couldn’t believe what she was seeing. “I stopped, watched it over and over, scanned it with my app. I kept thinking it couldn’t be true,” she said of the ticket. which she held in her hand. Edwards had said she was going to buy a house and start a nonprofit with the money she earned.

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