Abdication is not an option. At 95, Her Majesty Elizabeth II has remained firmly on the British throne for almost seven decades and despite the obstacles and controversies that have punctuated her reign, the longest in UK history. Thus, for Stéphane Bern, it is out of the question for her to give up her place to her eldest son. “She once said that it was a job for life,” said the host in the columns of Gala magazine on Tuesday, December 28. “She will die queen even if her capacities are diminished. She delegates, but will remain as Queen Victoria her model.”

He is therefore categorical: “abdication is a rather taboo word: it will go to the end of its life.” His health will not be an obstacle. But according to Stéphane Bern, there would be no need to worry. If she stays away from the public, Her Majesty Elizabeth II would be in great shape despite her recent hospital stay. Source of concern for fans of the elite, especially as this discovery occurred several months after the hospitalization and death of Prince Philip. “She was especially obliged to obey her doctors”, estimated the companion of Yori Bailleres. And to add: “They asked her not to go to Remembrance Day when she wanted to do it, the same for COP 26.” It must be said that all precautions are good in the face of the propagation of the Omicron variant, which worries France and its neighbors across the Channel.

Her Majesty Elizabeth II: 70 years of reign in June 2022

“I think she wants to be as fit as possible for her platinum jubilee, which will begin in February and culminate in June,” continued Stéphane Bern. An anniversary eagerly awaited by brokers and the British. In the meantime, Her Majesty Elizabeth II remains isolated at Windsor Castle after a year full of pitfalls. And when it is not the members of his family who tear themselves apart, or even his son who plunges the Windsors into embarrassment, it is an intruder with plans to assassinate him who disrupts his daily life.


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