“Let’s fight for others and stop thinking only about ourselves”. In the columns of Yahoo, it is a real plea for inclusion that Jean-Luc Reichmann has launched. With our colleagues, the host of 12 noon shots confided in length about his little sister, who is deaf. If he speaks in place of Marie-Laure, it is not to steal her fight but to get people talking about her cause. “She has no voice so I have to open mine,” says Jean-Luc Reichmann, who took time to “find the right timbre, the right intonation and the right look” at Yahoo. And to rewind his audiovisual career. “I did radio for a very long time, my sister couldn’t listen to me. I put myself in her place, I put plugs in my ears to try to take in this lower tone”, s’ remembered the companion of Nathalie Lecoultre.

When he was little, Jean-Luc Reichmann wanted to help his sister to have as much autonomy as possible. But for Marie-Laure, it was not easy. “The first times, she doesn’t want to, I don’t insist, remembered the host, who then brought her eight-year-old little sister to their baker. The fourth time, she goes there and comes back in tears. C is the tragedy, the baker did not understand it.” “Terrified”, the sister of Jean-Luc Reichmann has come a long way since. “If we all get together in this crazy world, we can do it. When you’re in school, it’s pretty cruel, when you’re a teenager, it’s unbearable, he added. I fought with my bosses at the time, Duhamel, Michèle Cotta. At the start, there was only the news that was subtitled.”

Jean-Luc Reichmann: “It was madness at the time”

For his sister, Jean-Luc Reichmann also led an important fight: that of subtitling television programs. “At the beginning when I started the Z’amours, in 1995, I thought it was great, it was recorded in Paris. And the first Christmas I arrived in Toulouse because we didn’t take the plane like now, and I said to her: ‘So you like it?’ She said to me: ‘yeah it’s really great, you’re fine but I didn’t understand anything’, because the show was not subtitled, he already confided on the set of Daily. It was madness at the time, at first it was very complicated and now all my shows, and a lot of entertainment shows are subtitled. Now 40 years old, Marie-Laure works in contact with people, according to Yahoo, since she is a cashier.

"She was terrified of...": Jean-Luc Reichmann's never-before-seen confidences about his disabled sister

Jean-Luc Reichmann, president of the youth jury – The members of the juries at the inauguration evening of © PATRICK BERNARD

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