A terrible accident that will haunt him for life … While filming Rust, Alec Baldwin accidentally killed Halyna Hutchins, director of photography of the film. A few days after speaking on Twitter, the actor spoke in a video shared by TMZ. While he cannot comment on the investigation, he said: “She was my friend, she was my friend! The day I arrived in Santa Fe to start filming, I took her to dinner with Joel ( Souza, editor’s note), the director. We were a very, very well-oiled team to shoot a film together, then this horrible event happened. ” After being seen having breakfast with Halyna Hutchins’ husband and son last weekend, Alec Baldwin added: “We are in constant contact with him because we are so worried about his family and child. “

Devastated, the actor had confided on Twitter: “There are no words to express my shock and my sadness at the tragic accident which claimed the life of Halyna Hutchins, a wife, a mother and a colleague deeply admired. ” While he thinks a lot about the young son of the director of photography of the film Rust, Alec Baldwin added: “I fully cooperate with the police investigation to explain how this tragedy occurred and I am in contact with her husband , offering my support to her and her family. My heart is broken for her husband, their son and all who knew and loved Halyna. ” For the Daily Mail, Halyna Hutchins’ husband had for his part assured that he was surrounded. “I spoke with Alec Baldwin and he supports me a lot,” he said.

Alec Baldwin finds solace in his family

Thursday, October 28, 2021, a source told People that Alec Baldwin and his wife, Hilaria, were keeping a low profile with their six children. “They go out from time to time to go get dinner, but above all they try to protect the privacy of the children and to spend quiet time together as a family,” she assured, before adding: “Alec continues to cry. tragic events of the past week, but has found solace in being surrounded by loved ones. He tries to focus his attention as best he can on the presence of his wife and children as he works through the trauma . Alec continues to cooperate with the sheriff’s office in their investigation. “

Alec Baldwin © BORDE-MOREAU

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