A subject that should be avoided. In Mumbai, India, a 28-year-old food blogger was arrested on Saturday November 12 after killing his wife. According to a report by the Times of India, the events took place on May 18. That day, the man strangled his partner, then cut her body into 35 pieces before scattering them all over New Delhi for several days.

As reported by the Indian police, the suspect would have been inspired by police films and series to develop his macabre plan, and in particular the Dexter series. Shortly before taking action, he had also bought a refrigerator in order to keep the parts of his victim’s body while waiting to scatter them all over the city, as soon as night fell.

Bones and intestine found in freezer

It was the father of the young woman who reported the disappearance of his daughter to the police after being worried that he no longer heard from the young woman. He then explained to the police that he suspected his son-in-law of being involved because he had already been violent with his daughter in the past. An investigation was therefore opened to shed light on the disappearance of Shraddha.

After his arrest, the young man quickly admitted to having killed his wife. Facing the police, he explained that he often argued with his partner because the latter insisted that they marry. The police then went to the couple’s home to carry out a search, in the hope of finding parts of the victim’s body. Investigators eventually found bones and a minced and diced intestine in the freezer. Analysis of the defendant’s computer also revealed that he had researched “how to chop like a chef”, “how to clean the blood” and learned about human anatomy. Shortly before taking action, he had also done a cooking course with a great Indian chef.

She wants to get married at all costs, her companion prefers to chop her up

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