Excited to expand their family, Gaby and Patrick Hagler tried for a fourth baby. The lovebirds, who each have a child from a previous relationship, wanted a little one after the birth of their 2-year-old son Sammy. In December 2021, they discovered that the pregnancy test was positive. They were over the moon. But the 12th week ultrasound gave them an incredible surprise. In reality, the forties was expecting quadruplets. “We thought it would be great to have a fourth and final child, we had no idea they were quadruplets until the sonographer started counting. At first I thought she counted different angles, but then I understood. It was a lot of information at once,” the dad told Metro UK.

After this shock announcement, Gaby had to have her cervix sewn up to avoid a miscarriage. The mother of the family was also followed throughout her pregnancy because it was considered high risk. Luckily, it went without any problems. The 40-year-old was able to give birth in complete serenity at her 34th week of pregnancy, the end of the 8th month. And it was in June 2022 that his four boys showed up: Adam, Bennett, Coby and Dane. A happy event for the whole family, now nine in number. A new life that requires a lot of organization. In 24 hours, parents use 47 diapers, a pack and a half of wipes and 32 bottles. As for the laundry, they do three a day.

A trick to tell the quadruplets apart

To recognize their quadruplets, in particular Bennett and Coby who look alike like two drops of water, Gaby and Patrick have found a little trick. They paint their toenails. “Sometimes I get them mixed up so I have to use polish. Bennett has a green fingernail and Coby’s is white. We also have colors for Adam and Dane but since they’ve grown up they’re easier to tell apart.” Filled with happiness, the parents savor every moment. Especially since each boy already has his own character: “Adam is the leader, Coby is very happy, Bennett is very calm and Dane is the most vocal, the one who asks for the most affection. It’s so nice to be able to cuddle them all at home,” said the mother.

She wanted a youngest child but gives birth to quadruplets


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