On Sunday October 2, a 38-year-old woman attempted to poison her 12-year-old son upon discovering his sexual inclinations. According to Le Parisien, it was 7:30 a.m. when the young boy landed in tears at the Sèvres police station. If his mother told him to shut up, the teenager recounted the attempted poisoning he had just suffered. According to him, the facts took place around 4 am. His mother would have come to wake him up to ask him to explain the contents of his cell phone. “She discovered there exchanges and naked photos with an adult man. But also that her boy had registered on a homosexual dating site” indicated a source close to the case.

The child was able to go back to sleep until 7 a.m., but the nightmare started again when he woke up. His mother strongly insulted him while threatening him with death. “From now on, you are no longer my son” she would have launched. In the process, the 30-year-old filled a glass with bleach to force her son to drink it. Fortunately, the latter managed to spit out all of the deadly beverage. He also assured that he did not suffer from any side effects. Her family members did not intervene and her ordeal continued. As proof, the 30-year-old would have taken him to the Pont de Sèvres in order to throw him into the Seine.

She tries to poison her son ends up in court

Following the damning testimony of the young boy, the mother of the family was placed in police custody in the premises of the territorial security of Hauts-de-Seine, in Nanterre. According to our colleagues, the suspect, of Cameroonian origin, was indicted for “administration of a harmful substance by ascendant” and for “death threat due to sexual orientation”. Considered an accomplice, the teenager’s stepfather was also indicted. A judicial inquiry has been opened. The child was placed in a foster home.

She tries to poison her 12-year-old son by discovering his homosexuality


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