She certainly had no idea of ​​looking like a zombie when she decided to get her eyelashes done. Haley Fetzer, a teenager from Ohio, USA, was left with bloody eyes hours after her beauty session. She had severe allergic reactions to eyelash glue. “When it started, it felt like little broken blood vessels building up in the back of my eye,” she said. “My first reaction was like, ‘Oh my God, it’s getting worse, it’s going to go all the way to my pupil and I’m going to go blind,” she says.

Not only were her eyes bloodshot, but every time she blinked, gooey orange stuff came out of them. The next day, Haley Fetzer can’t open her eyes. The young teenager, a saleswoman in a smoothie store, had to suffer to regain her natural beauty. The day after her allergic reactions, she went to her prosthetist to have her eyelash extensions removed. She compared the removal of her false eyelashes to “being stung by a million ants”.

She had to lock herself away for 5 weeks

As the visit to her prosthetist did not help matters, Haley Fetzer made an appointment with her general practitioner. He prescribed her eye drops. The duration of treatment is five weeks. The teenager’s blood red eyes did not go away immediately. “I felt like I looked like a scary zombie and if I went out, I would scare little children,” she explained, reports the Mirror in its August 24, 2022 article. The young woman advises those who are followers of false eyelashes and extensions to be very careful about allergies to eyelash glue.

She tries eyelash extensions, for her greatest misfortune

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