The story is almost too tragic to be true, yet it completely changed the life of a mother on November 15, 2022. On that famous day, paramedic Jayme Erickson went to the scene of a violent road accident involving a car and a truck. As CBS tells it, a collision took place when the driver of the car lost control of his vehicle and crashed head-on into the oncoming truck. If the driver was able to get out of the car and survive the accident, the passenger was stuck in the wreckage of the damaged car.

On her arrival, Jayme Erickson took care of the young woman, seriously injured and disfigured by the shock, in order to reassure and comfort her before additional help arrived to get her out of the car and transport her to the hospital. . As the victim was taken care of and Jayme Erickson returned from the intervention, she confided to her colleague her frustration at not having been able to do more for the young victim who, given her injuries, was surely going to go through it. . Unfortunately, that is what happened, but the tragedy did not end there. When she returned home, the paramedic found the police at her doorstep, come to tell her of the death of her daughter. Rendered unrecognizable because of the accident, the paramedic did not realize that the young woman she had in her arms was her own daughter.

The victim was 17 years old

On November 19, Jayme Erickson explained “her worst nightmare as a paramedic come true” in a Facebook post paying tribute to her daughter. “The badly injured patient I had just cared for was my flesh and blood. My only daughter. My mini-me. My daughter, Montana. Her injuries were so horrific I didn’t even recognize her.” Heartbreaking words that give a glimpse of the unimaginable pain that this mother must have felt when she learned of the accident of which her daughter had been the victim. She was 17 years old.

She treats an injured stranger who dies within hours and collapses upon learning her identity

Montana Erickson’s mother’s post © Facebook / Jayme Erickson

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