Back pain, indigestion, abdominal pain and weight loss – these are the symptoms of pancreatic cancer. Joanne Eales’s daughter urges everyone to see anyone with these symptoms for more than a month. These are the same symptoms that Joanne Eales had presented. She did not believe in any way that it could be pancreatic cancer and believed that it was symptoms related to menopause. Her CT scan showed that Joanne Eales had advanced pancreatic cancer.

Her stage four cancer killed her in April of this year. According to Pancreatic Cancer UK, around 80% of people are diagnosed when the cancer is at an advanced stage and it is too late for life-saving treatment. Mirror also confirms that “this cancer has the lowest survival rate of all common cancers in the UK”. Currently, there is no screening test to help doctors find the disease early to avoid loss of life.

Jaundice is the most alarming symptom of pancreatic cancer

According to studies from Pancreatic Cancer UK, people wait longer to see a doctor for these symptoms. More worryingly, many people don’t recognize all of the potential symptoms of pancreatic cancer. “Jaundice is the ‘red flag’ symptom of pancreatic cancer, but worryingly nearly a quarter of people said they were not sure they could recognize it,” Pancreatic Cancer UK says.

Joanne Eales © The Mirror

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