Page, a young American, was sure she was pregnant when she started having abdominal pain. But the reason for his ailments was actually much worse than that.

Page started having stomach pains and bleeding after the birth of her son two years ago. But in almost 24 months, the strange symptoms persist and the young mother decides to go to her gynecologist. “She told me I had to have an ultrasound,” Page explains in the columns of the New York Post. The young woman panics and hopes from the depths of herself that she is not pregnant again. “I didn’t want another child at that time,” she says. She is relieved when she learns that the cause of her ailments is not a baby. But the gynecologist’s discovery turns out to be much worse than that.

Her child’s teeth and hair were growing in her womb

On TikTok, Page explains that doctors found a 7 centimeter dermoid cyst inside her, as well as another smaller cyst. The first measures the size of a chicken egg, the second that of a pea. Unlike an ovarian cyst, a dermoid cyst can contain tissue such as small bones, teeth, hair or fat. This is what happened in the case of Page. “I have had particles of my son growing in my womb for two years.” Teeth, but also hair.

On the social network, Page shares a shocking photo of her cyst, showing several baby teeth and long strands of black hair. Internet users, shocked and disgusted, left a flurry of comments under the video of the mother. “I should have looked away,” one wrote below the video. Today, Page is due to have both cysts removed in surgery. “I can’t wait for surgery. I’m going to keep them in a specimen jar,” she joked.


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