Accumulating symptoms and resurfacing childhood memories… Everything led Melanie Galeaz to believe that she had contracted Lyme disease following a tick bite.

However, on going to the doctor, the young woman learned news that surprised and shocked her as much as she understood that the ailments she was suffering from had a very different cause.

Bitten by a tick

Content creator, it is on the social network TikTok that Melanie Galeaz has chosen to recount her puzzling experience, hoping in this way to raise awareness of the sometimes unknown dangers of toxic shock syndrome. She said: “When I was little, I was bitten by a tick and I had all the symptoms of Lyme disease”. The doctors who examine him give him various tests to confirm the diagnosis. However, the results are confusing.

hidden symptoms

“They didn’t know if I had it or not, but since I had all the symptoms and had a bite, they gave me medicine and sent me home,” she said. Months pass, Melanie is fine. History seems behind it. However, during her second year of high school, the pains return. “I started to feel pain in my body and other really disgusting things that were happening,” she slipped. Consulting a doctor again, Melanie however hides everything that happens to her at the genital level. “Now I know it was a mistake,” she admitted.

An embarrassing consultation

14-year-old Melanie is embarrassed in front of the doctor who examines her. “He was really neglecting me, he was mean and scary,” she said. Embarrassed by her various ailments, the young woman refuses to take care of them and to give the details. “I was kind of hoping it was Lyme disease related and I could just meddle with it. That it would disappear, ”she explained in her video. Again under treatment, the ailments, once again, fade.

A tampon stuck under the cervix

However, the young woman’s gynecological problems did not improve. “When I’m stressed about something, I ignore it,” Melanie said, adding, “But it never works, especially in this case.” Two years go by and his symptoms remain, making his daily life unbearable. “I finally went back to the doctor and went to a gynecologist,” she revealed. It was during this consultation that she discovered the source of her problems. “She said to me, ‘That’s not what you want to hear but you have a tampon stuck horizontally under your cervix'” explained Melanie. “Pulling it out hurt me because it was dissolving inside me. It kept breaking and it was a very unpleasant experience,” she said.

Up to three buffers simultaneously

Looking back, Melanie is convinced that she was never affected by Lyme disease but that her symptoms emanated only from her lost tampon. An opinion confirmed by doctors. “They think I had some kind of infection in my body,” she noted. “Sometimes it smelled bad and I was very sad to think that I smelled like that naturally so I found ways to mask it,” she confided. During this period, Melanie had even ended up having three tampons in her. “During these two years, I took one out and another came out with it,” she recalled, adding that she had no idea how much time each had spent in her body…

She thought she had Lyme disease but had actually forgotten her tampon for two years


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