Cancers are sometimes well hidden. This is the case of the tumor of this 47-year-old Chinese patient, located under one of her eyelids, completely invisible a priori.

A 40-year-old Chinese woman visited her GP in August 2021 after her eyes had itched for almost two weeks. The first few days, the poor woman believes in dust in her eye. But over time, this itching worries him. And after several examinations, the diagnosis is sad: a serious cancer develops in his right eye. The New York Post returned to this story in its columns.

A rare eye cancer discovered under one of his eyelids

The 47-year-old woman was surprised to discover that a small malignant lesion was developing inside her right eyelid. Doctors determine this as malignant melanoma, a serious type of skin cancer. Serious, and rare! So much so that researchers assure that it only affects one in five million people worldwide. The symptoms of the latter? Early signs of ocular melanoma include blurred vision or flashing in the eyes. In addition to itching, as the forties suffered.

Soon, the patient is offered surgery to remove the tumor, but given where it is, the procedure is far from risk-free. She then refused the operation and opted to be treated with pembrolizumab – an antibody used to treat other forms of skin cancer. During the seven months that followed, the lesion did not visibly grow and the vision of the 40-year-old was not affected.


Lara T.
Lara T.

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