Chloe James and Chloe Coehlo had been in a relationship for four years when the then 18-year-old youngest, Chloe Coehlo, was violently attacked by her girlfriend as she tried to break up. According to the Sun, the young woman had however been warned while the couple was watching together a flagship series from the Netflix video-on-demand platform: YOU. This series with Penn Badgley features a serial killer, Joe Goldberg, who attacks his girlfriends, of whom he becomes mortally protective once the relationship begins. As they discovered the episodes, Chloe James said to her friend: “If one day you dump me, I turn into Joe Goldberg”.

A remark which, at the time, can easily pass for a joke. Only two years later, in 2020, Chloe Coehlo painfully realized that her girlfriend meant business. When she told him she wanted to break up, Chloe accepted a last walk in the countryside with her future ex and their dog. “She then begged me for a ride, she tried to kiss me and she told me she loved me. But I pushed her away and told her it was over between us. Then she asked me if my dash cam was on, which it wasn’t. Then she said she had something for me in her car, but was embarrassed to the idea of ​​giving it to me. So she asked me to close my eyes. A few seconds later, I felt a blinding pain in my head, as if my skull was being split open.”

A derisory prison sentence

It was only when she fell to the ground that Chloe Coehlo could see that her ex was holding a hammer in his hand, one of Joe Goldberg’s emblematic weapons. As she lashed out at her, Chloe James reportedly went so far as to say, “If I can’t get you, then no one will get you.” Fortunately, the young woman managed to escape and stop a car before being taken to hospital. The attack caused it to spring from the side of the attacked ear. But the nightmare didn’t end there. Although she was sentenced to 22 months in prison, Chloe James’ sentence was suspended for 18 months, amounting to practically nothing to the great misfortune of Chloe Coehlo, disappointed with this minimum sentence for a woman who tried to kill her.

She thinks she's the killer of a famous Netflix series and attacks her partner with a hammer

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