Christmas is a magical time regardless of age. Whether you are still a child who believes in Santa Claus, a teenager with a touch of magic or an adult delighted to spend his first Christmas as a couple or with his children, this period is one of the most pleasant.

However, a woman recently caused a stir in her business as she told, anonymously, on the Mumsnet site. Indeed, she asked her childless colleague to give her this holiday, since she is a single mother.

A place for two

“I feel bad about this,” she noted at the start of the message. “Me and my co-worker who I get on pretty well, both asked for Christmas Day but our manager said only one of us could have it,” she continued. They are then invited to choose who would leave their place to the other. “I asked her to withdraw her request because she and her husband have no children and usually go to her husband’s parents on Christmas Day,” she explained. “But they also go there every week so it’s not like they ever see them! she continued.

Three hour replacement

If she makes this request, it is because she has a good reason. “I have a four-year-old autistic son,” she slipped. If her son normally goes to the crèche, it will close a week before Christmas and will not reopen until the beginning of the year. She therefore wanted her colleague to take her work slot. “It’s about three hours between 7 and 10 a.m.,” she pointed out. “As I am a single mother and the crèches are closed, I have no one to watch my son” she justified herself. Paying a nanny is unfortunately not possible and she has no one who can help her during this time.

Mixed reviews

“I feel bad asking her to do this but if she doesn’t, I will have no choice but to quit my job,” she said. In the comments, the other members of the site tried to find solutions, even if others were more annoyed. “Yeah, I forgot! If you don’t have kids, Christmas and family mean absolutely nothing to you! fumed one person. “I would explain to him and I would ask him” advised for a second. “I agree, your situation seems to be a priority but you are still wrong to reject her request because she has no children” temporized a third. Finally, a last concluded “Your manager must take care of it. Your two requests must be presented and they must take them into account. It’s not for you to decide.”

She thinks she has priority over the Christmas holidays because her colleague doesn't have children


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