Is there an age limit for cuddling your child? For many parents, the question does not arise, on the contrary! Rather, they dread the moment when their cherub will no longer want to be held close to them.

However, a mum has come forward to claim online, anonymously, that she no longer wants to cuddle her 11-year-old. A shock statement that raised multiple questions and comments on the chosen Reddit forum.

A very cuddly child

“Am I an asshole for telling my daughter she was too old to sit on my lap? she wrote in the title of her message. Explaining that her 11-year-old daughter was “very small for her age” and therefore often treated like a younger child, she noted that she continued to love jumping on her or her father’s lap. “She likes to cuddle us on the couch or on a chair,” she added. However, recently, her mother felt that she had become too old for this sort of thing.

A break in the link

Also, she decided to settle the problem once and for all as soon as her daughter started again. But it didn’t go as well as she expected. When her daughter came on her legs, she asked her to get off, telling her that she was too old for that. “She got really upset, left me and went to her room, slamming the door,” she said. “She didn’t try again and since then things have gotten tense between us. She doesn’t talk to me unless she has to and when I kissed her last night, she didn’t kiss me back.”

A time to cherish

Now feeling guilty for having upset her daughter, the mother nevertheless maintained her position on the matter. With over five thousand comments, her post quickly went viral, opening up the conversation more widely around parental affection and when, if at all, it should wane. In the responses, most parents agreed that there should be no age limit for parental affection. A mother remarked that her daughter would certainly not have wanted to cuddle her much longer. “You are wasting this time instead of cherishing it,” she said.

A terrible thing

Others were more cut-and-dried. “What a terrible shame and what a sad thing to do to your own child,” wrote one parent. “My son is nine years old and always hugs me. As a father, I will take him as long as he wants. I know I don’t have long left, it’s a bit sad and I’m going to miss it. Finally, a woman made a heartbreaking statement. “I’m 25 and my mum recently said she wished she could still cuddle with us. She regrets our childhood very much because she hastened to make us grow up, ”she said. “Now that we’re adults, we don’t come, or call him not because we don’t like him but because that’s not what we were taught to do,” she slipped. “Don’t ruin your relationship with your daughter by pushing her away too soon,” she concluded.

She thinks her 11-year-old daughter is too old for hugs


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