A story as surprising as it is explosive! Weronika, a young Brit whose Instagram bio reads “personal trainer and nutritionist”, recently had a major scare as she returned home from a trip to Turkey. The young woman had gone there to undergo cosmetic surgery and had received the green light from her doctor to fly back after her intervention. But the flight did not go exactly as planned. On Friday, October 21, Weronika surprised her 39,000 followers on TikTok by posting a video of herself with bruises under her eyes and a corset to prop up her head, along with the caption: “Point of view: you are the stewardess to whom I have just indicated that the back of my head has exploded from the pressure”. A rather disturbing publication, to which Weronika returned later.

The young woman explains that she went to Turkey to have her eyes lifted, after which her doctor, probably satisfied with her rapid recovery, gave her the green light to take her plane back. But then, once in the air, fate decided otherwise. “We were on the plane, everything was calm, we had fallen asleep because we had been traveling for 2 a.m. and I woke up and I was in a lot of pain”, says Weronika before adding: “I felt a sharp pain behind the left ear, it really hurt me. So I got up and went to the bathroom. That’s when I heard a popping sound.” The young woman then understood what was happening: the incision stitched up behind her ear had just partially torn. “Immediately afterwards, I felt this hot liquid (blood, editor’s note) running down my neck, so I grabbed some towels and started wiping it,” adds Weronika.

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“Everything is fine now”

The young woman had no choice but to wait for the end of the flight, while applying pressure to the bruised area. “Long story short, I ended up with a gaping infected and oozing wound behind my ear, but it’s fine now, I just have to be careful until it closes completely,” Weronika said.

She takes the plane after an operation her head explodes during the flight


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