A shocking accident. For the past few days, the Beauvais Criminal Court has been trying a horribly sad case: the accidental death of Cléa, a two-year-old girl, who died in a car garage in June. At the bar, all the protagonists of the trial followed one another, each with proof that their life was shattered. First the parents of Cléa, then Coralie, the manager of the Allure Auto garage, aged 26, author of the “manslaughter by recklessness”, because it was she who was driving the vehicle which accidentally hit the little girl. She was given an 18-month suspended prison sentence.

Let’s go back to the day of the tragedy. On Saturday June 11, 2022, shortly after 10:30 a.m., Kelly arrived at the Allure Auto garage in Beauvais accompanied by her two-year-old daughter to drop off her car. His Mazda brand vehicle was to be sold and in the meantime, the garage was to lend him another vehicle. After going around it, Coralie, the manager of the garage, starts the loaner vehicle to check the mileage, a classic maneuver. Except that the first was engaged in this loan Citroën. And the tragedy happened.

The manager of the garage received an 18-month suspended prison sentence

Because the car in which Coralie was driving made a sudden movement of one meter forward. Placed in front of the car, the little girl was hidden from Coralie’s view because of her small size. The shock was directly fatal: Cléa never got up. “We always walk around the vehicle to see the condition of the bodywork. And we have to turn on the ignition to check the fuel level, the mileage, and that no lights come on. I hadn’t seen that the speed was on”, testified Coralie at the helm, her face bruised. The young woman was given an 18-month suspended prison sentence for “reckless manslaughter”. A terrible story that will leave a family scarred forever.

She takes her car to a garage to sell it, her 2-year-old daughter won't come out alive

At two years old, she dies in a garage © Pexels

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