The date of June 14, 2021 will forever be a sight of horror for 18-year-old Ruqayya Hussain. Indeed, it is on this day that she will see her mother kill herself by falling to her death from 18 meters. Her mother, Tahira Jabeen, 46, slipped while trying to descend a steep slope near the coastal site of Durdle Door in Dorset. A decision she made when her daughter had begged her not to take this shortcut. Besides, the people below also urged her to stop. “You’re going to kill yourself,” one of them had even shouted.

Despite all these warnings, the mother of 5 children continued on her way. Which led to tragedy. Shortly before the tragedy happened, Ruqayya had taken a photo of his mother’s last moments as she descended the cliff. She had even shared this photo with her sisters saying “Look what mom is doing”. Tahira Jabeen suffered multiple rib fractures with punctured lungs from the rocks she hit as she fell, the inquest found. A paramedic and a nurse who were on the beach did try to perform cardiac massage, but Tahira Jabeen died on the spot at 3:25 p.m.

Her mother’s last words were to reassure her

A good or a bad thing… Ruqayya couldn’t see his mother fall, because she was coming down the steps of the cliff. After seeing her mother’s body on the beach, she had to be restrained. The investigation also revealed that visiting Durdle Door was a long-time project that Tahira held dear. She and her daughter arrived at the scene a little before 3 p.m. for a family vacation.

“My mother said to me: ‘I could climb that'”, says Ruqayya. “I talked her out of it by saying ‘don’t be silly, it’s a cliff’. She agreed, but changed her mind ten seconds later,” she added. “She reassured me, told me ‘it’s going to be fine’ and continued to go down”, still according to Ruqayya.

Tahira Jabeen © The Sun

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