Can an admitted fault be forgiven several times? In a relationship for several years, a young woman saw herself again in the grip of doubts after her partner pronounced the first name of another in bed.

It is online, anonymously, that the betrayed wife came to seek comfort, questioning Deidre, adviser to the newspaper The Sun, to find out what behavior she adopted in the face of this suspicion of an affair.

A broken promise?

“I’m 32, he’s 34 and we’ve been together for six years,” she wrote. Two years ago, by chance, the young woman discovered that her husband was having an affair. On her phone, she sees the text message from another. Faced with this discovery, she decides to confront him. He ends up admitting the deception, promising it would never happen again. “I chose to believe him and work on our relationship, but now I’m afraid he’s going to do it again,” she noted.

A suspicious and defensive husband

Every time she tries to broach the subject, her spouse immediately takes aim. “He’s become so suspicious and acting defensive,” she described. “Every day he comes home late from work with a new excuse about where he went,” she continued. Inevitably, this only reinforces his doubts. “I can’t help but think he was with someone else,” she said. “How can I trust him again?” she asked.

Discuss and work on the relationship

Deidre began her response by noting that broken trust is often hard to rebuild. “It’s important to remember that this is an integral part of any relationship,” she added. Thus, she suggested to the young woman to find a moment when she felt calm to start an open-hearted discussion with her husband. “Explain to him your concerns and that you would like to spend more time working on things between you,” she concluded.

She suspects her husband of cheating on her since he said someone else's name during the act


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