Ismahan Ahmed was only 11 years old when she began to suffer from vomiting on a daily basis. Three years later, doctors give him a terrifying diagnosis.

Ismahan Ahmed lived in Kenya and was only 11 years old when she started experiencing unpleasant symptoms: vomiting, dehydration, fainting, weight loss. On site, the doctors do not understand what the young girl may have. But when she arrives in the UK 3 years later, Ismahan receives a shocking diagnosis.

She has suffered from leukemia since the age of 11

The symptoms she has endured daily for years are due to acute myeloid leukemia. This blood cancer affects bone marrow cells and attacks the immune system. In Ismahan’s case, the disease has already progressed significantly and requires immediate attention. After many hours spent in the hospital and many examinations, the now 14-year-old learns that she needs chemotherapy. Then a stem cell transplant.

The teenager is learning to walk again after the disease prevented her from doing her daily activities and her treatments left her weak. “Everything was successful, until February 2021. And after my routine blood tests, my doctor noticed some bad cells showing that I had relapsed,” Ismahan told The Sun. She must then undergo a new chemotherapy, then a new transplant. “It’s been such a difficult three years, especially being hospitalized during the pandemic.” Still, she remains positive throughout her fight. She now hopes that the year 2022 will be better.

She suffers every day and discovers that she is fighting a deadly disease at only 14 years old ©

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