What started as a simple pain turned into a nightmare for Trish Hawley, a resident of Huntsville, Canada. After noticing pain in her right nostril that was rapidly getting worse, the 42-year-old decided to schedule a doctor’s appointment. In September 2019, according to the Mirror, she was still convinced that it was nothing serious. “I didn’t think I had anything serious and my doctor said it was probably due to a dry nose, and it would pass.” However, the pain remained well and in December 2019, “you could see that I had something on my nose” explained Trish Hawley.

If the doctors initially believed in a simple infection, they quickly had to revise their diagnosis. If Trish Hawley suffered so much when she washed her face or simply because her nose blocked her when she put on clothes, it was because a malignant tumor had taken place there. After trying unsuccessful radiation therapy, Trish Hawley received the dreaded verdict: Doctors had to perform a rhinectomy, which is to remove her nose to save her life. “I’m not vain and I don’t often think about my look, but I wondered what consequences it would have on my identity,” the patient explained at the time of the operation. Despite consequences that were hard to contemplate, Trish Hawley was in so much pain, however, that she just wanted it done.

Trish Hawley wears a prosthesis in place of her nose

It was therefore in the summer of 2021 that Trish Hawley was operated on and her nose was removed from her face to ensure that her cancer would not contaminate the rest of her body. If at first she didn’t mind being seen in public since she was wearing a big bandage on her face, things started to get complicated when she had to reduce her bandage. “When I just had a flat bandage and a mask that didn’t fit, people could see I didn’t have a nose and I noticed a lot of people staring at me or pointing at me,” said the Canadian. . In October 2021, more than a year after the operation, Trish Hawley tried a prosthesis so she could replace her nose.

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