Jean-Pascal Lascote did not cut corners. As he is used to doing, on the set of 6 to 7, on C8, Tuesday November 8, 2022, he gave his cash opinion concerning the faculty of the new season of Star Academy. This time, it was Laure Balon who took it for her rank. Indeed, the participant of the first season of the tele-hook simply confided that he did not like it. “She’s a scenic expression teacher like me, I’m a singer! She sucks (…) She said bad things about the public! I don’t like it at all. She’s an intern!”, a-t he declared with his usual outspokenness. Words that were not supported by Bernard Montiel. “No, it’s the buzz. It’s a show and you know it!”, He assured her. Only, that did not seem to convince the father of the family.

Jean-Pascal Lacoste does not seem to be the only one not to carry in his heart the new professor of scenic expression. In recent days, she has been talked about a lot after violently attacking Julien, a young academician. Moreover, the one who succeeds Raphaëlle Ricci had taken the time to exchange with the student to apologize to him. As a reminder, on October 30, 2022, during her traditional debriefing of the bonus the day before, she had not been very tender with Julien. “If you respected the public, you wouldn’t flirt with them on camera (…) You smile to flirt. Everyone saw that, so open your eyes, grow up. It was you who chose the song, but you sabotaged it. Even next to the plate“, she had launched to him in a very cold way.

Laure Balon is not unanimous with the public

The next day, it was with these words that she apologized to him: “Know that when I left the debrief, I was very bad because I didn’t give you your chance. I didn’t didn’t give up your chance to express yourself. I cut you off and it was really very awkward on my part. I shouldn’t have.” Only, for Julien’s big brother, the damage is done and the apologies don’t change anything. In The Morning without filter, Tuesday November 8, 2022, he was once again brought to react to the clash that there was between his brother and the professor.

“For the good of the show, you can’t play on the sensitivity of a developing artist (…) Not everyone can take it the same way… She m would have said that to me, very honestly I would have gotten the hell out of here and I would have said to him: ‘Fuck you’, and we would have explained ourselves afterwards”, he confided, although he admitted that the scenic expression teacher is “a woman who has a lot of pedagogy, with a lot of resources and things to learn”. For his part, Julien had reacted with much more hindsight and had simply chosen not to answer anything.

"She sucks!" : Jean-Pascal Lacoste violently attacks a new Star Academy teacher

Jean-Pascal Lacoste © C8

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