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She stabs her companion after his refusal to make love a second time

On Sunday August 9, a woman named Nawelle took her cell phone and called her boyfriend to ask him to join her at her home, in the town of Oullins, near Lyon, as reported by our colleagues from Progress . The woman in question, who had drunk half a bottle of vodka it is said, opened her front door and let her companion in. After locking the front door, she decided to hide her phone and her glasses from him …

Both had a first sexual intercourse … then shortly after, the woman asked for a second, again according to the newspaper’s information. Only the man did not want to and refused. Angry, the woman then grabbed a kitchen knife and planted it at the level of the chest of her companion. Luckily, the wound did not turn out to be very deep. The man, “slightly injured”, was granted five days of total incapacity for work (ITT). On Wednesday August 12, Nawelle was tried in immediate appearance and sentenced to one year in prison with an obligation of care. For her part, she gave another version of the facts, claiming that she had been badly beaten. The prosecution did not follow.

She stabs her companion after his refusal to make love a second time © Pixabay

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