Absurd tragedy. Friday, February 4 was held in the United States, the preliminary hearing of Justine Johnson, 22, accused of having killed her three-year-old daughter just two days after her birthday. The facts took place on September 16, 2021, in Oscoda Township, a community which is more than 300km north of Detroit, in the state of Michigan. Justine Johnson was interviewed on Oct. 1 by Ryan Eberline, a Child Protective Service investigator, regarding her act towards her daughter, Sutton. According to MLive, on the day of the murder, the accused woke up in a cemetery after losing consciousness. She then returned to her mother’s house where she was living, then tried to kill herself before killing her daughter. The investigator explained that according to him, Justine “does not remember in detail what happened to Sutton and that she was in the midst of a hallucination because she was craving heroin and had not slept for two weeks”.

The state of Justine Johnson is not the only reason that the latter gave after killing her daughter, the result is much stranger. Still according to Ryan Eberline, “her hallucinations convinced her that the TV had given her the order to kill her daughter or else they would kill her”. But who is this “they” in question? “It was SpongeBob who said these things on TV” continued the investigator. During her interrogation with Justine Johnson, the accused explained that she was “afraid for her life” and that she had “lost her mind”. Listening to these hallucinations, the mother of the victim indeed stabbed little Sutton, who had just turned three, several times.

The body of the dead girl found by her 17-year-old uncle

According to the medical examiner’s report, Sutton was stabbed in the neck, chest and stomach. After killing her daughter, Justine Johnson put her in a trash bag and put it on some stuff. Her 17-year-old brother found the body after seeing a child’s foot sticking out of a bag. Another of Justine Johnson’s brothers, Knesley, was also present and, after making sure his 17-year-old brother was not playing a prank on him, called the police. According to MLive, the teams sent to the scene of the crime found traces of blood in several places in the house, proof that the filicide took place at the girl’s home. A new preliminary hearing will take place on February 28. Until then, Justine Johnson will remain in detention without the possibility of being released on bail.

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