Settling scores. Lauren Belcher-Rainbow was 18 when, on June 20, 2021, she equipped herself with a knife before going, drunk and in the middle of the night, to the home of Jade Johns, where Ellie Murchison was also. According to Cornwall Live, the three young women knew each other and had already been at the heart of big arguments on social networks. The ex-boyfriend of Lauren Belcher, and father of her child, was indeed in a relationship with Jade Johns, hence a certain animosity between the two women. Maybe that’s why she decided to visit Jade Johns that night of June 20, 2021 to start by insulting her and then throwing herself at her once she opened the door for him.

So in the house with Ellie Murchison, pregnant at the time, Jade had just called for help to bring an ambulance for her friend who was feeling unwell. When she opened the door at 3 a.m., it was the rescue workers she expected to see, and not Lauren Belcher-Rainbow calling her a bitch before grabbing her by the hair and punching her. punched in the face five times. Lauren then pulled a knife from her pocket to cut Jade Johns in the face. And when Ellie Murchison came to separate them, Lauren started kicking her in the stomach even though she knew she was pregnant. After being arrested, the young mother continued to struggle in the police vehicle, shouting and banging against the car door.

No one can take care of the defendant’s child

Judge Simon Carr, in charge of the case, acknowledged that there was clearly a liability between Lauren Belcher-Rainbow and her first victim. The defendant was also described by her lawyer as having had a very difficult childhood and suffering from mental disorders. Factors that the judge agreed to take into account, but it was another element that proved to be decisive: the child of Lauren Belcher-Rainbow. The judge indeed explained that he simply could not send the young woman to prison when no one is there to take care of her child. The young mother was therefore sentenced to 15 months in prison, suspended for 2 years. She will also have to undergo therapy and a rehabilitation program. Finally, a distancing measure has been requested so that Lauren Belcher-Rainbow cannot approach or contact the new girlfriend of her ex and his friend Ellie Murchison for a period of 5 years.

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