Guatemalan businesswoman and model Kimberly Flores claims she has an infallible, if unusual, technique for finding out if her husband has cheated on her. A test which, until now, would have proved its worth.

It was in a reality TV show that the young woman revealed her very original method, leaving viewers and then social network users stunned when the sequence was shared by her husband…

The smell of loyalty

How do you recognize an unfaithful man without the slightest mistake? On the reality show “Rica, Famosa, Latina” (Rich, Famous and Latina), 33-year-old Guatemalan model and businesswoman Kimberly Flores explained that she used a ‘infidelity’ to find out if her husband, the Mexican singer Edwin Luna, was faithful to her. This test simply consists of feeling the dirty panties of your spouse to detect possible romantic rivals.

An extreme check

“I always check his credit card spending, midnight calls and even smell his boxer shorts…and even his Instagram likes,” she said. A means that seems to have proven itself with her husband for three years. Husband who did not hesitate to share this extract with his 3.6 million subscribers on Instagram, asking, in the caption, if this was proof that his half was “toxic”.

toxic behavior

This video did not fail to divide his fans, some judging his wife’s behavior pathological while others simply thought that she had made this statement in jest since her husband, himself, seemed to laugh. Indeed, at the end of this video posted on the social network, the star of the song declared “She says that she is not toxic” while making fun of her companion. The camera then turned to Kimberly, who raised a questioning eyebrow.

She smells her husband's dirty underpants to make sure of his fidelity


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