It is worthy of a miracle. Professional musician Jennifer Osborn said singing for her dying son was the hardest thing of her life as she performed on stages in front of thousands of people. When her nine-year-old son, Jake, was at the end of his life. Only, he got a second wind when he heard his mother sing him the song A Million Dreams by The Greatest Showman. While receiving palliative care at a children’s hospice as he battled TBCK Syndrome, a rare genetic condition that affects brain development, he perked up when he heard his mother sing.

“I looked at the nurse and said ‘what am I doing?’ because I was so scared to be there,” Jennifer told Essex Live. “I was really scared to be there, and I was so ashamed I was crying. They took the BiPap machine away from her and she said to keep singing for him.” “He took this big, deep breath and it kind of brought him back. The doctor came back and she just put her stethoscope on her chest and couldn’t believe it,” the mother-of-one continued, still emotional. what she went through with her son. “Everybody sort of said it was my singing that brought him back and kept him fighting.”

The song allowed him to live another 11 months

“So it was really adorable and we were able to have him for another 11 months with us, which was really, really nice,” Jennifer Osborn said again. The mother-of-six also explained that another of her sons, three-year-old Jimmy, also suffered from the terrible disease, caused by a genetic mutation usually carried by both parents. Today, looking back, she realizes that she probably witnessed a miracle with her son thanks to the song.

“He literally had 11 months of being a kid again without having face masks or breathing tubes. So for 11 months he lived the way he wanted to live and I don’t know how he did it.” But the disease eventually took over and Jake finally breathed his last on September 14, 2022. The song that the mother of the family had sung to him eleven months earlier had been the first played at his funeral. Despite the mourning, Jennifer Osborn wishes to keep the memory of her little boy always in a good mood who liked to “turn tears into laughter”.

She sings for her dying baby boy, an unbelievable thing happens

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