May 27 will mark the end of the defamation lawsuit between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard. In the meantime, the testimonies follow one another at the bar. This Wednesday, May 18, the recorded testimony of the deposition of Melanie Inglessis, the former makeup artist of Amber Heard, was broadcast in the courtroom of Fairfax.

The entertainer first said he found Amber Heard suffered several light bruises under his eyes and on his nose as she helped him prepare for an appearance on James Corden’s Late Show on December 16 2015. “It looked like someone had given it a slight head-butt,” Melanie Inglessis said. Words that go in the direction of previous statements by Amber Heard. Indeed, the American actress had claimed that Johnny Depp had attacked her on December 15, 2015, and had burst her lip.

A version of the facts disputed by fans of Johnny Depp

The make-up artist would therefore have used her brushes to hide the traces of violence. “She had discoloration around her eyes, on her nose. And she had a split lip”, had detailed the young woman in a deposition dating from February 2021. During this crisis, Amber Heard had also accused Johnny Depp of having pulled out a handful of hair. When Melanie Inglessis saw the photo of the actress’ reddened scalp, she agreed: “I remember it because she showed it to us.” But his testimony was challenged by Camille Vasquez, Johnny Depp’s lawyer. Which ended up annoying the makeup artist. “I know [Amber Heard’s] face. I made it up so often,” insisted the latter, before detailing how she helped her cover her bruises with foundation: “We covered the discoloration, bruising, with a little thicker concealer.”

But his testimony did not convince fans of Johnny Depp, who dispute the version of the facts of the one who is also a friend of Amber Heard. “Melanie Inglessis testifies that for James Corden show. Amber Heard had ‘light discoloration’ under her eyes, and a split lip which she covered in makeup. Stylist Samantha McMillen says she saw no injuries on Amber Heard before makeup. Who’s telling the truth?” they wondered.

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