An incredible story… For 45 years, Lucy Studey has been going to the police station to denounce the murders committed by her father, in vain. In the space of 30 years, Donald Dean Studey would have murdered between 50 and 70 people, before dying in March 2013, at the age of 75. Saturday October 22, 2022, in the columns of Newsweek, the daughter of the serial killer confided: “I know where the bodies are buried. He just told us that we had to go to the well, and I knew what that meant. I would go to the well or the hills, I would tell myself that I was not going to come back alive. I thought that he would kill me because I refused to keep quiet.”

Monday October 24, 2022, for KETV-TV, the sheriff of the county of Fremont, Kevin Aistrope, had indicated that the remarks of the young woman were the subject of an investigation. “We are actively investigating this, and who wouldn’t? I hope any sheriff’s office in the state, would do the same as us… We have a scene, but we don’t know if it’s a crime scene. At the moment, we have no victims, bodies. Nothing,” he said. On Friday, October 28, 2022, Nesweek reported that two dogs detected the scent of human remains at four different sites on the property. Dog handler Jim Peters clarified: “Today I was told there was a smell of human decay in the area.” For his part, Kevin Aisotrope said: “I really think there are bones there. It’s hard to believe that two dogs would smell the presence of bodies in exactly the same places. We don’t know what it is (…) , but I tend to believe Lucie. According to the dogs, it is a very large burial place.”

Lucy Studey: ‘I wanted justice when he was alive’

For years, the young woman alerted her teachers, church leaders and law enforcement. “No one listened to me. My teacher told me that family matters should be handled as a family, and the police kept telling me that they could not trust the memory of a child. I was not only a child at the time, but I remember everything”, she lamented, before adding: “For my father, I no longer feel anything at all. I wanted justice to be done when he was alive, but it’s too late for that now. I myself can only rest when the truth has been revealed. The loved ones of the victims deserve a dignified farewell and answers to all their questions.”

She serves a serial killer on a set to the police, who have refused to hear from her for 45 years

Murderer © Pixabay

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