It is a student nurse who saw her whole world collapse forcing her to send her companion to prison for voyeurism. Lucy Lear had discovered that her partner, Dale Bastin, took explicit photos of her nude. In all, the voyeur-pervert had over 30 images of his partner totally naked or partially dressed while she slept, showered or dressed. Of course, these photos were taken secretly over a period of 3 years.

Luck and chance helped Lucy see what was going on. Indeed, one evening while the couple were watching television, Lucy was looking at Dale’s phone. “One photo immediately caught my eye – it was a bare ass,” she said. “But it had nothing to do with another woman – it was my bare bottom, sticking out from under my quilt. In the background, I recognized my bedside table. I understood Dale must have taken the photo while I was sleeping, “she added. It was then that she opened the file to discover more than 30 photos of her, some of which date back more than 3 years.

Lucy Lear, she asked him to leave and filed a complaint

In shock at her discovery, Lucy directly asks Dale to leave. “He asked for his phone but I refused to give it back to him” she confides. It is only the next day that she will find the strength to confront him. “He did not deny taking the photos and was unable to explain why he did so,” she said.

It wasn’t until later, that afternoon of the same day, that Lucy found the strength to call the police. “A member of the domestic and sexual violence team called me back and assured me that Dale had committed a crime,” said Lucy. After his statement to the police, it was not until April 2020, 4 months later that Dale would be accused of voyeurism. However, it took the courts 1.5 years to prosecute 26-year-old Dale Bastin. Subsequently, he was sentenced to 6 months in prison with an 18 month suspension. In addition, he was entered in the sex offender registry for 7 years.

Lucy Lear and her companion © The Sun

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