An American grandmother has drawn the wrath of Internet users by selling her wedding dress. The reason ? She specified in her announcement that no one from her family could fit in.

Determined to sell her David’s Bridal wedding dress, a grandmother posted an ad on Facebook Marketplace. In legend, the grandmother, originally from Las Vegas in the United States, explained that no one in her family could fit in because of her too small size. As reported by the Daily Mail, the American wrote that her sons all married girls with more generous physique than hers. It did not take more for the publication to make a real bad buzz on social networks. The old lady has been accused of grossophobia by many Internet users, outraged by this humiliating reflection for her relatives.

“Please buy my wedding dress, my granddaughters are huge”

— Emily Murnane (@emily_murnane) April 14, 2022

Faced with her detractors, the grandmother justified herself by declaring: “If I had had daughters, I could have given them. Even my granddaughters will not fit into the dress. I always hoped that one of them would be able to, that’s why I kept it all these years. It’s also why I paid to have it professionally packed and preserved.” The American strongly lamented this situation: “It’s a shame because the dress is beautiful. I always thought that one of my boys would marry someone fine enough to wear it. Well, I don’t I had no luck.”

Internet users attack the grandmother and her wedding dress

Annoyed by the remarks of the grandmother with regard to her loved ones, Internet users quickly stepped up to the plate. In addition to criticizing the appearance of the dress, some have denounced the sale price set at 800 dollars, or around 750 euros. “There’s no way she’s getting more than $50 for this outfit. It’s cheesy, dated, and 100% polyester,” “Humiliating someone for not being small in size is despicable. Besides, David’s Bridal isn’t Gucci. Calm down,” “Anyone else relieved she never had daughters?”, “Your stepdaughters probably did it on purpose to take weight for not wearing your dress” we could read in the comments.

She sells her wedding dress convinced that no member of her family will be able to wear it ©

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