A young woman named Brooke Lacey saved the life of a stranger thanks to the sticker that was on her car.

Brooke Lacey had started a day like any other. The young woman from New Zealand had left for a coffee in Wellington. Returning to her car, she found a note on her windshield. The 22-year-old student immediately thought it was a fine and quickly withdrew it, before walking away. A few hours later, the pretty brunette finally read the message and this one, written by a stranger, was more touching than ever: “I left my house with a plan and asked for a sign, no matter what a sign. I made the right decision seeing your car in the parking lot. Thank you.”

Very moved, Brooke Lacey quickly realized that her sticker had saved the life of this person. If the latter had considered the worst for a moment, she changed her mind thanks to the sticker of the young woman on which one could read: “Please do not take your life today. The world is so much better if you’re in it. More than you think, stay.” An incredible story that she shared on her Twitter account: “I had forgotten that I had put this sticker on my car. I am so happy that this stranger chose to stay. You never know who needs this reminder.”

A sticker as an outstretched hand

Brooke Lacey, who struggles daily with her mental health, said she created 600 stickers during the first wave of Covid-19. Its goal ? Help people who need it. The twenty-something has therefore stuck several stickers all over her hometown, on bridges or in stations. Having gone viral on social networks, this story has moved Internet users. “How beautiful. The world needs more people like you” Brooke” we were able to read among the reactions.


Lara T.
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