By adopting a frugal approach, making well-considered decisions and avoiding unnecessary expenses, it is possible to achieve significant savings each month. Corporate lawyer Rose shares her money-saving tips in Settlement.

She manages a monthly budget of €2,556 as a permanent employee, with a net salary of €2,356 after tax. Raised in a modest family, her parents taught her to save money and appreciate the value of every expense. Since becoming a full-time employee, Rose has taken a more frugal approach. She minimizes her expenses and avoids purchases that she considers “worthless”. Her biggest expense item is food, with an average of €350 per month. pay for a burger or an Asian restaurant! That’s why my food budget is a bit high.” she explains. Rose shops in discount supermarkets. She favors basic products, while indulging herself from time to time with meals at the restaurant. She also spends €83 per month on public transport, €2 on bank charges and €25 on insurance. Thanks to the help of her parents, Rose became an apartment owner without having to take out a loan. She pays routine bills of around €53 per month, but avoids turning on the heating to save on energy costs. Rose is aware of the savings she can achieve by reducing certain subscriptions. She managed to negotiate a reduction in her internet plan and uses her phone plan to share her connection. “My 140 giga package cost me €26 per month, but I negotiated it to €19 by playing the competition”, she specifies. She also limits her clothing expenses and estimates that she spends around €30 per year. in this domain.

She managed to save 2000 euros each month

In the end, Rose manages to save an average of €2,000 per month. This has enabled him to reconstitute savings of €29,000 since the purchase of his apartment. In the long term, Rose wants to sell her current apartment and buy a more spacious one. Her ultimate goal is to become financially independent by investing in real estate and generating passive income.

She saves 2000 euros per month and this is how she did it


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