Monica is a New Yorker attentive to her appearance and the image that she and her boyfriend Andrew project. However, recently, Monica was too focused on framing her couple’s photo, selfishly missing Andrew’s marriage proposal.

Hailing from Brooklyn, Andrew’s failed statement and Monica’s embarrassing attitude were uploaded to TikTok in a video that has racked up more than 4.3 million views as well as a number of mortified and intractable comments.

A moment to immortalize

Posted on the @CoupleCam account, the video of Monica and Andrew was captioned: “You just wanted a souvenir photo when your boyfriend tries to propose, but you need to check the angle of the shot with the server”. Indeed, the couple was in a chic restaurant in Brooklyn for a very special moment planned by Andrew. On their 31, the couple asked a server to take their picture to immortalize the moment. Only, Monica did not know that if Andrew had made such an effort, it was because he was planning to ask her to marry him.

A flash problem

Keeping the engagement ring neatly tucked away in a box by his side, the optimistic future fiancé thought he’d take advantage of the waiter’s snap to kneel down and propose. Only, in the video clip lasting only 7 seconds, Monica appears unsatisfied with the server’s photographic talents, indicating to the latter that she needed the “flash” to be immortalized to her advantage. Andrew does not fail to bounce back, joking “Is it flashy? while holding up the engagement ring. But Monica, too absorbed in taking the shot and the angle of the camera, doesn’t even notice her boyfriend’s request.

A statement turning into a fiasco

Completely unaware of the action that has just taken place, the young woman walks towards the camera while Andrew tries, in vain, to point out to her the solitaire he is still holding in his hand. Luckily, it looks like Monica was mortified that she ruined the big moment, writing, herself, in the caption, “I’M SO SORRY!” “. Obviously, the account’s subscribers did not fail to react to this failed statement, finding it “Hilarious” for the most part. “It’s like when I try to say something in a group conversation and no one hears me,” commented one person. A second added “You are gone! It’s so funny, I need an update.” This was not long in coming since in a second video, Andrew appeared holding Monica’s hand, addressing her engagement ring. Ironically, her now-fiancé would say, “Think that’s flashy enough? “.

She ruins her marriage proposal by wanting to take a picture


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