Choosing the name of your child can be really very difficult, especially when you want it to be unique. However, it seems that a mother has gone a little too far in the originality to name her different children.

It is anonymously, on the social network Facebook, that the mother came to list the unique names of her children, also indicating the first name she planned to give to her future baby.

Very original names

Braving the potential unpleasant reactions that she was going to reap, the young mother assumed and wrote “I know that you will hate the names of my children” before listing them. Thus, for her first three children, she had chosen Storm West Coast, Chancey’boy Blake and Starelle Sapphire Rose. For her unborn child, on the other hand, she hesitated between Mariyah River Rain or August Forrest Fox.

Star children’s names

To find inspiration, she admitted to being mainly inspired by first names chosen by celebrities in recent years, including Stormi Webster, baby of Kylie Jenner and West, child of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Defiantly, she added: “You will not make me change my mind! But you can try”.

hate his children

In the comments, many people were mixed about his uncommon choices, letting him know in a more or less tender way… “Your poor children! wrote a first person. “So you already hate your kids…cool…” commented for a second. Finally, a third claimed that there was “no way” that these first names were real, considering them too far-fetched. “You named your baby West Coast?! choked out one person. “I am so sorry for your children! she added

She reveals the unique first names of her children Internet users are outraged


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