After she got in touch with her father and lived with him for a while, he started acting weird. Mark Brooks, 61, has been “obsessed” and extremely jealous of his 31-year-old daughter, Stacy Brooks. Stacy Brooks, mum-of-four and from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, had not been in contact with her father for 20 years. She reconnected with him in spite of herself, in July 2021, when she was coming out of a difficult relationship.

Mark Brooks welcomed his daughter with open arms, reports the Mirror on September 28, 2022. The relationship between Stacy and her father was in good shape. She couldn’t even believe her eyes, considering that she “considers him to be a horrible father and played no part in my life.” “I never really thought about him until I found myself with no place to go after a breakup and a family member suggested I reconnect with him,” Stacy says. She becomes disillusioned very quickly when Mark Brooks begins to be particularly protective. He didn’t want his daughter to have another man in her life.

He wanted to burn her alive

On August 9, 2021, things really got out of hand between Stacy and her dad. She no longer lived with him, but lived nearby. After an argument on the phone about money and about his daughter’s ex, the sixty-something rushes home. He covers her with a mixture of gasoline and another flammable liquid and tries to set her on fire. Luckily the lighter he had in his hand wasn’t working properly. The latter flees while Stacy immediately calls the police. In court, Mark Brooks said he took twice the dose of diazepam that made him feel like “King Kong”, reports the Mirror.

She reconnects with her father after 20 years, he does the unthinkable

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