This woman has come a long way. Tracey Vincent, a 51-year-old Englishwoman, saw her life changed after a spider bite. This mother of two was in a park in Kent, England with her parents, and while she was drinking hot chocolate, she was bitten by a spider.

She indeed felt a pinch in her foot, while she was wearing sandals, without however paying too much attention to it at the time: “I was with my parents spending a moment of relaxation at the garden centre, I was having hot chocolate and it felt like something had pinched my foot and within seconds my whole leg went numb,” she told Metro.

This 51-year-old woman almost died from her spider bite

The woman later went on to recount the nightmare she experienced: “I kept drinking and had pins and needles for a few minutes, and it went away. In the evening there was a swollen, purple area with fluid.”

After failing to make an appointment with her doctor, Tracey took her doctor’s receptionist’s advice by taking painkillers. But two days later she started feeling unwell and got into bed shaking and shivering.

Some time later, her husband became very worried when he could not reach her on the phone and found her unconscious at their home. He thus called the paramedics urgently: “What I knew was that they were at my bedside hooking me up to intravenous drips and I was rushed to the hospital with sepsis.” she said.

Tracey subsequently spent 3 weeks in hospital, and her blood tests showed a 97% infection rate. It was then difficult to know if she would survive: “My leg was red and hot, with blisters the size of tennis balls,” she said, before continuing: “It swelled to 63 cm in diameter and the pain was horrible Consultants said it was a spider bite probably false widow spider as there had been an upsurge at the time but they had never seen one as bad as mine. It almost cost me my life, that spider.”

She quietly drinks a hot chocolate in a park, a harmless spider will turn everything upside down

A woman nearly died from a spider bite in a park © Pixabay

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