Totally immoral facts. In Iowa, the Eldridge Police Department arrested a 19-year-old young woman on January 23. Madison Russo is indeed accused of having lied about her state of health, assuring for a year that she had leukemia, pancreatic cancer and a tumor “the size of a football ball”.

The young woman rose to prominence in the year 2022 on TikTok, documenting her health journey, which authorities now say was made up from scratch. Thanks to her lies, she even managed to collect more than 37,000 dollars (about 34,000 euros) on the GoFundMe platform from 439 donors.

A misleading scene

On the social network, Madison Russo often appeared with intravenous bags or with tubes that passed through his nose. Medical paraphernalia that suggested that she was undergoing treatment. But as the police report, it was all actually untrue and was just a comedy. In the suspect’s apartment, authorities also found other accessories, including a wig and nausea pills in the name of a relative.

Eldrige Police were also able to review Madison Russo’s medical records and found that she had never been diagnosed with cancer at any nearby hospitals. It is also thanks to the report of several Internet users, intrigued by what they had seen on TikTok, that the police intervened. The respondent’s account has now been deleted.

She pretends to be seriously ill on TikTok to raise money, her shameful scam exposed

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