It is in Haute-Vienne, in Ouradour-sur-Glane that a small affair has been agitating the inhabitants for several days. According to AFP, everything started from a story of succession to lead to the discovery of a corpse, buried in the garden of a sixty-year-old woman plagued by guilt. In the fall of 2021, a notary opened an investigation for a worrying disappearance with the gendarmerie after having failed to locate a man he was looking for to settle a succession case. It was in the context of this investigation that a 61-year-old woman was heard by investigators on Monday May 9, 2022. Only she quickly went from simple witness to suspect when, under pressure, she confessed that the body of her husband was buried in her garden.

After giving the necessary information to the investigators, the latter were indeed able to discover a corpse dating back several years in the garden of the woman, placed in police custody and then indicted on Wednesday May 11 for attacking the integrity of a dead body. The unsolved disappearance of her spouse in 2012 therefore seems to have finally found a conclusion. AFP points out that, at the time, the wife had reported the voluntary departure of her husband with whom things had not been going very well for a few years. She then told investigators that she found her husband dead, on their bed, one morning. “Panic”, she would then have pulled the body out of the house and to the garden to bury it under a greenhouse.

A missing husband and a found corpse

Rather than talking about the drama to those around her, she would then have said that her husband had simply left the home overnight without leaving a trace. The question now is whether it was accidental or intentional death. An autopsy will be performed on the corpse and many analyzes will have to be performed on the bones to determine the date and cause of death. AFP also specifies that it is the experts of the criminal research institute of the National Gendarmerie who will be in charge of these analyzes. The investigation is still ongoing.

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