“She prefers to change the subject”: Paris Hilton explains why her mother does not want to talk about the abuse she suffered

A taboo subject … In August 2020, Paris Hilton revealed in her documentary, This is Paris, to have been the victim of violence when she was a boarder at Provo Canyon School. A few months after going to the Utah State Senate to defend a bill aimed at regulating the functioning of institutions like the establishment where she lived, the pretty blonde again agreed to d ‘talk about what she experienced. On an episode of Paris in Love, his brother, Barron Hilton said, “I just want to say how proud I am of you, for the documentary, that you got to share something so personal, something that I was not aware of. “

During the conversation, Paris Hilton said their mother, Kathy Hilton, avoided talking about the physical, emotional and psychological abuse she experienced. Asked about her parents, she assured: “I just feel like they just don’t want to think about it, just like I didn’t want to think about it and I haven’t talked about it for 20 years. It hurts to think about it, to talk about it. Every time I talk about Provo, my mother changes the subject. I don’t want to hurt her, I don’t want to upset her. ” While her brother suggested that she tell their parents how she felt, the bride revealed, “They don’t like to talk about things. You know, mum is so fun and laid back, she doesn’t really like to talk about things. be serious. I’ve never really had a serious, deep conversation about things like that. She doesn’t like to think about it. She just likes to be happy. I don’t want to break the mood. ” Following his confidences, Barron Hilton told him: “It might be worth exploring …”

Has Kathy Hilton Watch Her Daughter’s Documentary?

In all transparency, Paris Hilton revealed that her parents had not watched her documentary. “I know my parents feel bad and regret sending me to Provo, but I don’t think they really understand what I went through because they never watched the documentary. don’t really know all the details, ”she said. Finally, the pretty blonde added, “I wish we could just one day sit down and have a real conversation. For so long since I was a teenager, I’ve really held it all back. And I’m about to get married and I really wish we could talk about it so I could let go. Because I feel like I don’t know if I would ever get over this unless we talk about it. “

Paris and Kathy Hilton © Backgrid UK

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