The story is told on the Reddit site and picked up by the Daily Mirror. Although the author does not reveal his identity or the place of his incredible discovery, the anecdote remains just as crisp. Like anyone who buys a new house, this woman wanted to quickly put her touch to it. She therefore embarked on the decoration of her new interior. While peeling off the old wallpaper from the walls, she came across a mind-blowing message left by the former owner of the place.

Beneath the old-fashioned tapestry hid a note

The wallpaper dated from the 90s. Under this old-fashioned tapestry, there was a note… very practical. “If you need to wallpaper this room again you will need eight rolls of wallpaper. I bought just six rolls at £17 a roll on 5th December 1997 and haven’t had enough. really pissed off. Jon, Dec 21, 1997,” reads the photo shared by the Reddit user under the handle Brilliantas.

More than 66,000 Internet users reacted to this hilarious anecdote. Some of them were taken aback by the date of the message. “What kind of man is wallpapering four days before Christmas,” one user joked. Others took the opportunity to in turn share the notes they left for future owners. “When I was 17, we redid the floor of my room, I wrote ‘free your mind, your ass will follow’ on the concrete slab”. Or: “Somewhere under the wallpaper in my parents’ hallway, my father wrote: ‘this will be finished by Christmas’. Below, my mother added ‘what year?’.”

She peels off the wallpaper in her new home and discovers a mind-blowing message

She peels off the wallpaper in her new home and discovers a mind-blowing message © Pixabay

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