It was on Tuesday April 5 that a young Swiss woman, whose anonymity has been preserved and designated by the initials “S.D.”, was killed in Hamburg, Germany. The guilty ? A man in love with her who could never accept her refusal to go out with him and who preferred to kill her and then kill himself. If this scenario is unfortunately very common when it comes to feminicide, the victim and her attacker had an unusual story – and rather disturbing. The victim’s mother, “A.D.”, agreed to testify with 20 minutes to come back to this terrifying crime and especially to the context surrounding the tragedy. According to her, in addition to being a killer, the culprit, nicknamed “B.U.” in the article, was also a stalker.

“He fell in love with my daughter, but she didn’t want a relationship. He could never accept it,” explained the victim’s mother, who also clarified that B.U. had harassed her several times. daughter. “He was incredibly in love with her, but she didn’t reciprocate and didn’t want physical contact.” A rejection impossible to bear for B.U., active in the political sphere, who did not hesitate to try to force the hand of S.D. despite his refusals. “If she made the slightest positive allusion, he declared his love for her. If she did not respond, her mood changed, he became really aggressive” recalls the mother of the young woman killed at only 22 years old. For several months, the young man thus tried to convince his victim to go out with him, with letters of several pages or even long messages on WhatsApp.

Victim’s mother wants to meet parents of her daughter’s killer

Some time after the deconfinement in Germany, when the young S.D. had decided to leave Switzerland to become an actress in musicals in Hamburg, the stalker unfortunately decided to strike. “When she told B.U. in November 2021 that she wanted nothing from him, he showed up three days later at the door of her apartment in Hamburg to harass and threaten her” reveals the mother of the victim, who blames himself for not having tried to contact the parents of the young man. In April 2022, the latter decided to take a one-way ticket to Hamburg and go to the house of the young woman he shot and killed before killing himself. Collapsed, the victim’s mother still wants to meet the killer’s parents. “They certainly loved their child as much as I loved mine. But I would like to know how they lived with their son, if they felt any signs and how they feel now”.

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