She mistakes her AirPod for medicine, swallows it, and sends a voice note from her stomach

She wanted to take medicine, but did not take the correct pills. Carli Bellmer, a 27-year-old American told the TikTok social network about the little accident that happened to her: “So, I ate my fucking left AirPod. I slipped into my bed, I had an ibuprofen 800 in one hand and my fucking AirPod – my left earbud – in the other. ” A mishap which, according to her, was verified during an x-ray of her stomach. The video in which she recounts her disappointment has been viewed over 2.6 million times on TikTok.

After swallowing the earpiece, Carli Bellmer said he tried to send a voice message to a friend from his stomach to explain the incident. Thanks to the Bluetoothe connection, the AirPod was indeed always connected to his phone. So the voice note was indeed recorded and sent to the recipient, but because of the noises in his stomach, the audio was inaudible.

Precedents in other American states

In order to remove the small object from her body, the young tiktokeuse explained that she tried to make herself vomit several times, but without success. She will eventually manage to eject it through the stool.

After recovering from her emotions, Carli Bellmer posted a video “for educational purposes”. “I’m definitely not the first and the last person to do this,” she said. There were indeed similar precedents in Georgia and Massachusetts.

Internet users still asked themselves a big question after this accident. Did the young woman reuse her earpiece? Amused, she said no, but that she had decided to rename her AirPod “stomach pod” for the occasion.

AirPods © pexels

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